Turn-Tech, Inc. with its many years of experience and excellence monitors product quality from raw materials to shipped finished products.Iso-image2

Turn-Tech, Inc. is certified to ISO by World Certification Services. Maintaining ISO certification requires continuous training in order to meet the requirements and demands of the certification registrar. Since 1995, ISO Certification has assisted Turn-Tech, Inc. to continually improve its quality objectives.

Turn-Tech, Inc. has received customer’s highest rankings for Quality and On-Time Delivery. This is possible because of the Total Commitment of the Turn-Tech Team to Quality, On Time Delivery and Total Customer Satisfaction.

iconTurn-Tech uses the E2 Shop Tech Computerized Management Program for bidding, order processing, scheduling, purchasing, shipping and accounting. The tracking and Bar Coding System is recognized as one of the top shop management programs. This system assists Turn-Tech in maintaining quality and traceability throughout its processes.

Turn-Tech’s ownership and top management are available to our customers to provide
Total Commitment to Quality and Customer-Satisfaction.

Machined parts must be processed and manufactured correctly by highly-trained personnel with quality manufacturing processes and equipment, using calibrated measuring tools and gauges, and then it’s verified by our skilled inspection department. Therefore, Turn-Tech verifies its quality manufacturing by using up-to-date and precision measuring equipment such as CMM, digital height gauges, comparator, calibrated gauges and all other essential inspection equipment. Our quality trained personnel ensures that the company’s quality policies are met which meets or exceeds customer requirements and expectations.